We have over 20 artists taking part in our current exhibition, 'Summer'.

You are welcome to come and visit the exhibition at any time during our opening hours:


Tuesday - Friday 11am - 4pm


Saturday 11am - 5pm


Open Gallery

18 Rawson Street, Halifax, HX1 1NX


The 'Summer' catalogue is avalable to purchase online on or in print at the gallery.

Margaret Hall, A Hot Afternoon

David Williams, After the rain 2

David Williams, After the Rain 

Clare Chinnery, There’s no sun in my summer

Clare Chinnery, Summer will have its flies

Ben Bucki, Inflate Deflate Series "Beach Balls" 

Ben Bucki, Inflate Deflate Series "Swim Rings" 

Adele Doxey, Follow Me


Natalie Breeze, Be Bold and Bloom

Jane Walker, Fast lines-Porto

Lu Mason, Early summer

DAvid McCallam, Slowing Down 1

Annie Fforde, Into the Wave XIII


Alina Savko, Lendal Bridge over the River Ouse

Michael Palmer, Wasp in my coffee!

Adele Doxey, Through The Mists of Time


Jane Walker, Fast lines-Cusworth

Catherine Boyne-Whitelegg, Diving girl toast rack

Catherine Boyne-Whitelegg, Diving girl

Jane Eden Art, Title, Sun, sea & Dunes


julie Dawson/Gledhill, Reflections, Peasholm Park

Martin Pearson, Being in the Garden

Annie Fforde, Into the Wave


                     We are pleased to announce the winner of the People's Choice Award at the Summer Art Exhibition 2022 is Loane Bobillier with her beautiful sculpture, 'Bronze sphere'.

Loane Bobillier


My body of work is a multi-medium exploration of shape, form, space and the relationship between the viewer, their situation and how that affects their perception of the artwork. In my practice I reflect on relevant thoughts and subjects that relate humans to the world.


As an international student having lived in three different countries I find it hard to understand and acknowledge where I belong. The concept can be related to my recent sculpture ‘The Cube’, a steel structure representing a cubic form. ‘The Cube’ was conceived to be placed within nature, where the steel was originally formed. This relationship between the natural world and the steel cube is not perceived as when ‘The Cube’ is amongst nature it appears man-made and out of place. There is a disconnection between the manmade object and nature. Although the reflective quality of the steel allows ‘The Box’ to start blending into its surroundings, the eerie quality of its existence amongst the tree branches directs you to the concept that ‘The Cube’ belongs elsewhere. The non-restrictive element of working with multi-mediums and the non-restrictive nature of sculpture enables me to create work with no framed boundaries, this also allows me to explore the cubic form without fatiguing through one method of exploration. ‘Touch’, another resolved work of mine where a patinated bronze sphere is enclosed within a perspex acrylic box explores the relation between the viewer and the work. Although the sphere is so attainable and near, it is obviously unattainable as it is enclosed within a clear square box. The concept of untouchable beauty is inspired by the soft delicate inner surface of natural forms such as a cacti; having a soft interior protected by robust defensive spikes to prevent harm created by the external world. Wanting to represent the mask we wear in society, sometimes we feel we are so close to someone yet we all seem to have to hide our true selves behind transparent masks. The title "Touch” contradicts the untouchable bronze sphere. So close, yet so far.


My work considers the viewer's interpretation of their own relativity with the sculpture. Although a lot of my pieces appear as simple shapes there is an extensive time consuming craftsmanship production process which cannot be immediately perceived. For example, when creating ‘Touch’; the creation of two semi-circle bronze casts took over 24 hours to produce. The simple outcome of a turquoise sphere needed sanding, welding, polishing and a long process of patination. This hidden process refers to how we perceive things at face value yet there are many different aspects that come together to create a space, an object or a situation. My sculptures act as a reminder to evaluate one’s own life situation against other situations and to think deeper about what connects us to the external world.