Air, Water, Eart & Fire

We have over 40 artists taking part in our current exhibition, 'Air, Water, Earth & Fire'.

You are welcome to come and visit the exhibition at any time during our opening hours:


Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 4pm



Open Gallery

18 Rawson Street, Halifax, HX1 1NX


The Air, Water, Earth & Fire catalogue is avalable to purchase online on or in print at the gallery.

Dorothy Gray, Meteorite Explosion!




Edd Jones, Offshore wind farm



Sue Eves, Tangle




Tomas Lagunavicius, Insensitivity to internal fire 1





Delia Zorzoliu, The Bath with Wings of Fire





Martin Cosgrove, Burn





Joseph Milne, The Altar of The Hierophant





Lynne Dobson, Airbound



Jill Tattersall, Life on Earth



Wendy Kirwood, Elemental





Jane Carlisle Bellerby, Summer 2020



Ashley Ferrari, Verdigris




Claudi Piripippi, Pull yourself together



Jessie Ray, Dreamland/Ivy




Madeline Andrew, Oak, Ore, Ochre




DI Harding, Another Place



Donna Andronicos, Tempest





Nick Kobyluch, Tuscan Light




Lorna Ellen, Theres Plenty of F̶i̶s̶h̶ Plastic in the Sea




Andrzej Slezak, How It All Started





Jane Cordingley, Pebble 




Joseph Milne, The Forest of Dreams



Kate Louise Jenkins, Nature's Elements



Lynne Dobson, Air V Earth V Water



Trevor Fearnley BAhons, "In at the deep end" Tripeg fish



Martin Cosgrove, Play of Light at Sunrise





Betty Lau, Last Two Flowers on Earth



Jane Carlisle Bellerby, Beneath and Beyond



Zeta, Fight For Us



Ashley Ferrari, Verdigris




DI Harding, Beyund The Edge



DJB Sackett, As Custodians The Responsibility Is Ours




TJ Johnson, We are the Elements





Carole Clay, Venitian canals




Carole Clay, Ghost Ship of Dalem




Corinne Hamer, The Rockfalls



Jane Walker, Dawn



Sophie Smith - Millennial Fudge, Mindless Pool





Lorna Ellen, Wasted Cities




Jeanne-Louise Moys, Soar





Sue Sheard, Silhouette of the bay at Megali Amnos





Jeanne-Louise Moys, Firebird





Sue Sheard, Serenity on the water